The Artist: Rosemary Seivert
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With no formal art background, I started china painting in 1977. I had a natural instinct and a love for the art that grew through my teacher, Phyllis Gardner. A W.O.C.P. member, through Country Porcelain Artists, of Hamburg, NY, I have had lessons and have been influenced by the "great" painters (to me); Jayne Marcks, Alzora Zaremba, and Shirley Hull, to name a few.

I have been our club president and New York State president, with my main thought and goal to keep china painting a "living art," not a dying art.  Motivated to have the public see us as artists and not a "hobby", I have done many art shows over the years to educate


people as to what porcelain art is. I have also promoted our art and state convention by being on our local morning TV show.

At a very prestigious New York State local art show I won the award, "Best of show".  I fought hard to get my piece into the "art" category with the framed girl (titled "Emily"). If you click on the thumbnail to the right of this paragraph, it will display the full painting. I would not allow the officials to judge my entry in the "craft" group.

My work in painting jewelry was published several years ago, in Victoria Magazine. I like to paint fine detail, especially birds.  My other interest in painting has been "art nouveau style."

Over the years, I have pretty much become a custom ceramic tile painter, also doing sinks and commodes.  I also paint walls with faux finishes, murals, and all kinds of furniture.

You never know what opportunities come your way; I have branched out to designing wine bottles for wineries.  Pete, the love of my life and soul mate, silk-screens the glass wine bottles, and we on joint ventures, collaborated with fired pieces.

I invite you to write me for any information regarding techniques. I came upon the Rose Bud's "Perfection Paints" through Pete. I have had these paints for several years now and can honestly say it has made a big difference in the way I paint. I needed to have results in one to two fires on some of the sinks and commodes that I do. I can get this with these paints. I have totally weaned my way out of all the "old paints"I used to buy and use. I love to paint with "Perfection Paints" and have total confidence, with quality I can trust. Check out these paints on the Perfection Paints page. E-mail me your order and I will ship the paint to you.  Send payment when you receive your order. If you are a non-painter who is interested in having me paint a piece for you, contact me through e-mail and I will be happy to talk to you.

The Artist: Rose Seivert
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